Namino is the first innovative Italian start-up which offers compact and complete boards powered with ESP 32 .

The boards can be used for makers’ ideas, for industrial prototyping and for home automation projects.

Rosso and Arancio have achieved EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing and Certification) product certification, so they can be used in the industrial automation.

Rosso and Arancio have been designed to fit perfectly into a 3 fruit box for home automation- 503 form factor.

Rosso, Arancio and Bianco are the boards that will meet your needs because they face the maker and industrial worlds at the same time.

Rosso and Arancio present two different sides: the makers’ and the industrial one. On the maker side there are connectors for Arduino Uno shields and on the industrial side the interfaces compatible with the signals that can be used in automation.

Namino Bianco is the most basic device capable of connecting other devices and Arduino Uno shields. Important: Namino BIANCO is Open Hardware.

The Namino boards can be programmed in Windows / Linux systems, using the Arduino IDE and VS code (PlatformIO) IDE environments.

The Namino Boards can be combined with their shields NERO and DYN ADAPTER (INSERIRE LINK) (see shields section).

The Namino boards have several accessories available (see accessories section):